How to apply

How To Apply Your Press-On Nails?

Nails stay on longer the better you prep your nails, so don't skip these important steps!

  1. File or buff down your nail surface. This will help it adhere better.

  2. Clean your nail with a alcohol swap and let dry.

  3. Choose a suitable size jelly glue - one that is smaller than the actual nail but covers the most surface area.

  4. Place your jelly glue onto your clean, dry nails.

  5. Press the jelly glue firmly, spreading it all directions.

  6. Tear off the jelly glue film.

  7. Place your press-on nails at a 45 degree angle 2mm away from your cuticles and push back.

  8. Press down to spread all directions and hold firmly for 10 seconds. Make sure there are no bubbles inside.

And you're finished! Salon-ready manicure in seconds.

How to Remove Your Press-On Nails?

  1. Soak your nails in warm water

  2. Remove your press-on nails with a tool like a cuticle pusher.

And you're done! Easy removal with no harm done to your real nails.